Happy St. Pat’s Day from NYC
March 17, 2018

The Empire State Building and World Trade Center twinkle in green tonight for all those smiling Irish eyes. Happy St. Pat’s Day!


Glistening World Trade Center
March 17, 2018

World Trade Center glistens under yesterday’s bright blue skies & billowy clouds.

WTC glistens under billowy clouds
March 12, 2018

World Trade Center shimmers & stretches into the billowy clouds above.

WTC glistens at twilight
February 27, 2018

World Trade Center glistens during tonight’s deep blue twilight.

Pretty pastel sunset in NYC
February 20, 2018

Pretty pastel sunset skies in NYC tonight.

Pink & orange sunset over NYC
February 18, 2018

Splashes of sunset pink & orange over the Empire State Building & World Trade Center tonight.

Pretty pastel sunset in NYC
February 14, 2018

Pretty pastel sunset on Valentine’s Eve in NYC.

Tangerine sunset over WTC
February 3, 2018

World Trade Center bathed in tonight’s tangerine sunset hues in NYC.

World Trade Center glistens under blue skies
January 24, 2018

World Trade Center glistens under today’s blue skies and billowy clouds.

Sizzling slice of NYC sunset
January 22, 2018

Sizzling slice of sunset squeezes through tonight’s hazy gray skies near the World Trade Center.

Pretty pink skies at sunrise & sunset
January 19, 2018

Pretty pink skies over World Trade Center and the Empire State Building at sunrise & sunset today in NYC.

Pretty pastel sunset over NYC
January 15, 2018

Pretty pastel sunset over World Trade Center & Empire State Building tonight in NYC.